VV02 Reaper (LIMITED 500 worldwide)


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Designer Toy statue with no joints, limited 500 pieces worldwide, each box numbered individually
This creepy individual is a mercenary for hire and is one of the top assassins on the planet. He will go out and kill any target as long as the pay is right. Reaper wields a giant scythe for close contact killing as he enjoys seeing his victim’s in pain as their lifeforce drains out of their body slowly. His modified DNA enhancement allows his skin pigment to bend light so that he can hide in the shadows or becomes invisible through cloaking during the day. Reaper is also a trained mix-martial artist as his hands and legs are deem as lethal weapons as he can kill you within a blink of an eye.

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Dimensions 8.27 × 5.91 × 2.05 in
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