Astrobots A06 Vulkan 1/12 scale


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Vulkan is a powerhouse of a robot built to withstand the harshest conditions in deep core mines and hazardous environments. After the fall of most of his brothers during the first Atlas City uprising, he now fights a new war against Atlas’ Enforcers using covert tactics and guerrilla warfare. As second in command of his resistance cell he has learnt much under the leadership of the wise and venerable Articus. However, time is drawing near for Vulkan and his rebel brothers, and perhaps the secret to their victory lies in a new ally. One who may tip the scales in their favour but does not yet understand the importance of his role in the future of Colony World – 1.

Vulkan comes from graphic novel “Astrobots” written by Simon Furmon and illustrated by Hector Romero.  The story will be published March 2023.
Product Features
 • 8 inches (20.32cm)
 • LED shoulder lights (2xAG2 needed)
 • Fully poseable hands
 • hydraulic grapplers convertable to drills
 • Highly articulated

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