Astrobots A07 Hyperion 1/12 scale


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Hypherion was once the leader of the Taurus class builder robots dispatched to Colony World One. He is an expert in construction, redevelopment and manufacturing. He possesses the ability to see and read any situation in moments, formulating unique solutions to keep things moving as efficiently as possible.

During the war for Atlas city, Hypherion Initially opposed Atlas, but later came to disagree with both sides of the conflict. After being offered amnesty, Hypherion was appointed as the Senator of Atlas city’s industrial and manufacturing zones. Using his vast teams of engineers called ‘roughnecks’ he toils endlessly to build and expand the facilities of Colony World one. Together with his fellow senators Hypherion has tried to guide Atlas city to a bright new future.

But there are rumours spreading in the Senate. Rumours that Hypherion has plans of his own for the future of the Astrobots. Plans that are known only to himself.

Vulkan comes from graphic novel “Astrobots” written by Simon Furmon and illustrated by Hector Romero. 

Product Features
• 8 inches (20.32cm)
• LED shoulder lights (2xAG2 needed)
• Fully poseable large and small hands
• Highly articulated mechanic body

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